Brassy Badger Totem Messages

badger totem meaning

Badger Totem Meaning and Messages

Direct guidance from the badger totem:

“If you want some kind of sugar-coated, fluffy message from me, you’re going to be highly disappointed.  I’m blunt, brutal, and bold.  I take a direct approach to everything I do.  From making shelter, grabbing food to making babies…all my movements are shrewd and calculated. This is because I am a survivor, and I don’t take failure well.  This is my badger totem message for you: Identify your standards, and never slack on them.  Be honest and direct in obtaining your goals.  Consider your dreams and passions, then take strategic actions to make these things a reality. And never take ‘no’ for an answer. If you are ferocious about your beliefs, you will find your way to realize your dreams.

When all else fails on your path to obtaining what you want…dig.  I’m serious. Dig till you drop. That’s what I do, and it’s gotten me out of some mighty serious disasters from predators. Metaphorically, my totem advice is this: When things look bleak, dig your heels in and keep tunneling forward until you see resolution or relief.  On an emotional and spiritual level, you must dig from within to find the strength and power to keep going. Never give up.

I’m incredibly cunning. My intelligence comes mostly from a strong bond with my environment, and super-keen awareness of what’s going on around me.  I can identify the tiniest shifts in my surroundings. This usually gets me my meals, and helps me recover in challenging situations. There’s big totem wisdom in that.

Too many humans are glued to their iPhone or big TVs. This dims the language of the world around you.  Everything emits a message.  There is unspoken energy that radiates from other people, other animals, the wind, the trees, everything.  Take time to get quiet and become aware of this subtle, silent language always communicating with you.  By doing so, you will gain an extra-sensory perception that will help you in almost any circumstance.”

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