Devouring Vulture Totem Talk

vulture totem meaning and messages

Vulture Totem Meanings and Messages

Straight Totem Talk from the Vulture:

“I’m bold, I’m brassy and I’m beautiful. Maybe I’m not Marilyn Monroe to some people’s standards, but in many cultures (like Egypt and Rome) I was worshiped for my attributes.  In fact, the god Apollo sat me on his throne as a sacred symbol. Why? Because I’ve got scruples, savvy and I’m shrewd. Apollo kept me sacred in Greek mythology because he thought I was an oracle, and the gatekeeper for divine wisdom. This had a lot to do with my silent, stoic nature.

I don’t speak much – at least not like other ordinary birds.  There is big wisdom in silence.  Silence teaches us how to view our world without comment. That means we observe, but don’t add to what we are seeing – so we take in the purity of that which is observed. Too much is lost by constant jibber-jabber.  By blabbing on and on we miss the fundamental beauty around us.  Silence is indeed golden.  It is through silence we can cross the psychic bridge, gain artistic insight, and learn fathoms about the world around us.

When I’m not being adored by gods and goddesses around the world, I’ve got to get to the business of living life. That means, hunting, finding shelter and having babies.  My method for finding food is phenomenal and unique. I have some of the finest peepers and one of the greatest sniffers on this planet. Eat your heart out, Jimmy Durante.  It is my keen vision and stellar scent-detection that allows me to find food.

Okay, so maybe eating dead stuff is a little macabre. But if you think about it, I’m a recycling machine.  I was green before green was trendy.  I’m all about consuming waste and transforming it into my energy and giving life to my babies. Yep. You guessed it. That’s another big totem insight.  I am here to remind you that recycling and resourcefulness is key.  This planet is extraordinarily generous, but still, resources are finite. Be mindful of consumption.  Try to re-purpose instead of tossing things out for the landfills.  Consume what you need, but don’t waste a thing.  This is a precious place we live in.  It is up to us to keep it clean, nourished and sustainable.”

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