Heavy Hippo Totem Talk

hippopotamus totem meaning

Hippopotamus Totem Meanings and Messages

Direct talk from the hippo totem:

“Are you feeling burdened? Weighed down by the worries of the world? Well, I’m here to give you a dose of totem wisdom about how to manage the woes that may be pressing you down like a panicked pancake.

You see, I’m a heavy hitter in the totem world.  It’s no secret I can tip the scales up to four tons. But I’m equipped to handle my girth. If you notice, I spend a lot of time in the water. Water makes me buoyant and (almost) light as a feather. Symbolically, water represents neat stuff like: Cleansing, Healing, Dreams, Intuition.

Water also sends a message that says “Go with the flow.” In totem-speak, this translates to a messages that encourages you to find your river and float in it. Huh? Yeah. Your river is a metaphor for a space where you can lighten your load. Maybe it is a physical place you can go where you can slough off the sludge of worry you may be struggling with. A place where you can feel light again, and release your vexations. Or…your river might be a space in your heart, soul and mind. Consider meditation as a way to uncork the pressure cooking within you.

If meditation isn’t your thing, then perhaps make a habit of positive affirmations.  This may sound flimsy in the face of your heavy angst…but a consistent practice of claiming a positive saying, motto, affirmation is a great way to find relief. Why? Because doing so engraves that positive message upon your mind, your heart and soul.

The chick who runs the blog often says something like: That which you plant within, must inevitably manifest without. I think that’s a fancy way of saying good vibes in, good vibes out. My totem advice to you is to plant good seeds in your consciousness and good things will grow in your external life.”

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