Herding Up Buffalo Totem Messages

buffalo totem meaning

Bison and Buffalo Totem Messages

Direct talk from bison and buffalo totem:

“I’m fairly simple figure out. I’m here to remind you of the stable, consistent things in life. I’m a grounded being that offers practical advice.  I am generous to a fault.  I’m an amazing parent to my calves, I look after members of my herd, and I’ve even provided my body for food to people who needed me. This is my first totem message to you.

I’d like you to consider the value of giving. Of course, you can’t give of yourself if you are not stable already. So take me as an example of strength and support. I’m so grounded and assured that I can afford to give myself to anyone who needs me. I think that’s an extraordinary totem lesson. Whether giving your time, your love, or your resources – make sure you are whole and secure so you can do what you must to help others.

I have another piece of advice I think is worthy of sharing with you.  I don’t give up.  I simply can’t.  It doesn’t matter if I’m slogging through ten feet of snow to nibble a tiny bit of food, or fighting to the death to protect my babies…I will give my last breath to keep going and continue surviving. I have to do this.  My herd and offspring are counting on me.

I also know a new season will come. Abundance of food and prosperity will return to the earth. So my totem take-away point is this: Never give up. There will always be highs and lows in life. That means if you’re in a slump, your upswing is right around the corner.”

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