Magpie Totem Madness

magpie totem meaning

Magpie Totem Meaning and Messages

Direct messages from the magpie totem:

“Like my crow cousins, I am bold, brassy and baffling to most humans.  My behavior may seem odd and unpredictable, but my parliament of magpies and I know exactly what we’re doing. We employ strategy with every move.  Sometimes our moves really freak out the neighbors.  Like that time I had a twenty minute conversation with myself in front of Old Lady Fletcher’s mirror.  I had her so flummoxed!  In reality, I am one of the few creatures who recognizes its own reflection. Maybe that makes me vain. I really don’t care.

The totem lesson here is this: There are two sides to who you are. You have a side that you show the world, and then you have an inner, reflective side which is usually hidden.  Which is more genuine?  Are both sides balanced?  When you look at the reflection of your inner self, do you like what you see? Can you carry on a conversation between your outer persona and your inner reflection?  If none of this makes sense to you, then sod it all.  But if it does makes sense…these are vital magpie totem points to ponder.  In the pondering, a lot of self-development can be gained.

I’m really close to my magpie kin. I’m all about respecting, communicating and connecting with my friends and family.  In fact, my magpie clan and I honor our dead. When we identify one of our own has fallen, we execute a ritual for the dead. This really blows a gasket for humans. Why? Because dozens upon dozens of us swarm around our fallen comrade and sing a hair-raising death song. It’s not a song really; it’s more like screeching, mourning, banshee cries emitted from all of my parliament. It’s pretty eerie, but it’s what we do.

It is our way of acknowledging the passing of one of our kind. That’s another totem message for you. It is necessary to recognize the fallen among you.  The way you do this, is unique to you.  Your method of mourning is neither good nor bad.  The way you honor the bereaved is an expression of who you are and your relationship with those who have moved to the next life.  We could not give a flying flip how our death ceremony is perceived by other beings. My magpie peeps and I encourage you to take no notice of what others are thinking or doing. Mourn in your own way.

My last magpie totem message to you is this: Always whet the blade of your curiosity as if your life depends on it, because it does.  Live by my example. My inquisitiveness helps me learn and understand the world around me.

It is a myth that I am frightened by sparkly things.  I’m quite intrigued by new baubles. It’s also a myth that I am a thief.  I just kick around interesting curios and then go about my business. But from these encounters, I gain broader understanding of the world around me.  So can you.

My curiosity has also saved my life on many occasions.  Most birds don’t snoop around as extensively as I do.  My detective work reveals great places for building nests, not to mention scrumptious bites to eat. If I didn’t keep my curiosity sharp, I would not find the vast amount of resources available to me.  All it takes is looking around and seeing what kind of opportunities you can discover. That, my friends, is the highest totem wisdom I could ever offer you.”

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