On The Prowl For Bobcat Totem Talk

bobcat totem meaning

Bobcat Totem Meaning and Messages

Direct talk from the bobcat totem:

“I’m a pretty intense totem. I spend a lot of time in solitude, and that gives me the space I need to think, work and roam my territory.  I like the softness of silence. It has an energy that gives me a sense of peace. Maybe that’s a totem take-away point for you.  Taking time to be in silence and solitude can be a savior for your sanity.

I’m also a philosophical totem. I appreciate and notice unique beauty around me.  For example, I am most active during the hours of dusk and dawn.  In many cultural myths, this is supposed to be a big deal. These phases during the day are called ‘liminal.’

That’s a funky word that means ‘neither this nor that.’  Dusk and dawn aren’t entirely day, and they aren’t exclusively night.  This holds big magic. Because this time is like an in-between space, that means anything can happen.

I’m here to remind you to take advantage of these unique moments and spaces in time.  Enjoy the dusk and dawn of your life every day.  In a literal sense, enjoy these times because these moments of the day are beautiful, and worthy of appreciation. In a spiritual sense, the dusk and dawn of your life represents pure potential; times when any opportunity can appear to you.”

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