Snappy Crocodile Totem Talk

crocodile totem talk

Crocodile Totem Meanings and Messages

“At first glance, maybe I’m not the cuddliest critter you’ve encountered.  I admit, my appearance is pretty menacing.  I’ll also concede I’ve got an itchy trigger temper.  And don’t even get me started on attitude.  I’ve got loads of it…why shouldn’t I?  I’ve been around for millions of years. I’ve even outlived the dinosaurs! It takes a lot of shrewd, ballsy instinct to survive as long as I have.

But what a lot of people don’t see is my soft side.  For example, once you flip me over to expose my belly – I’m a big pussy cat.  What’s more, I’m a big pile of mushy love when it comes to my kids. I adore my offspring, and I’ll do just about anything to protect my babies from harm.  This, my friends is my first totem message for you.

There’s nothing wrong with being hard core.  Having a wicked-sharp attitude isn’t a crime either. Of course, protecting that which is sacred to you is totally acceptable.  Nonetheless, it’s important to have a balance. Know when to soften up, when to be gentle, when to show your vulnerability, and when to show love.  If you are as fierce and bold as you make yourself out to be, then you’ve certainly got the brass to expose your softer side too.

Another totem tip I want to share with you is this: Develop your vision.  Through evolution, I have the luxury of seeing underwater. The chick who runs this blog says that’s big juju.  Apparently water is symbolic of intuition, dreams, emotion and insight.  My ability to see underwater is akin to navigating the unknown with my instinct.In your case, it means you can see into the unknown with your intuition.  Use your ‘second sight’ to clearly see the formation of your dreams.  When you are submerged in a swirl of emotion, be still and activate your inner vision to gain clarity.  Developing your supernatural vision might not be easy, but like me, your insight will evolve in time.”

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