Strutting Into Ostrich Totem Talk


Running With Ostrich Totem Advice

Straight Totem Talk from the Ostrich:

“Let’s get one thing clear. We ostriches do NOT bury our head in the sand when frightened. What a ludicrous idea! Firstly, because we rarely have reason to be afraid of much, and if we are, we run at staggering speeds up to 45 mph. This is my first bit of advice to you. Don’t hide. TAKE ACTION!  Oh, and let me tell you, we put karate black-belts to shame. Our kick can kill.  So whether we ostriches beat cheeks out of danger, or kick the stuffing out of our foes – to be sure, we never hide our heads in the sand. And neither should you.

Now that the ridiculous myth of head-burying  has been dispelled, I will tell you why we futz around in the sand. It’s where the myth came from. This is what we do: We dig a hole in the sand, lay our eggs in the hole, and we poke our heads in the hole to turn our eggs. I guess to some humans that looks odd, and our action was misunderstood.  There’s a lesson in that for you. It’s nobody’s business but your own as to how you raise your young. As long as you nurture, provide and love your offspring, your golden. Maybe your methods might seem odd to others, but the key is loving and taking care of your young’uns.

I can’t hope to give you guidance if I don’t mention the unique feature of flight.  Well, err…no flight, I should say.  Me and my flock have wings, but we don’t fly.  For you, that’s a big lesson.  Birds who can fly tend to be lofty. Symbolically speaking, flying birds fly in the sky of dreams, schemes, hopes…but rarely land any of these things.  Ostriches, however, can land any deal.  That’s because we’re grounded.

For you, the take-away I’m trying to offer is this: Dream away! Have high hopes! Just know you’ve got to be grounded. Be free to flap your wings towards your vision, but stay grounded as you do so. Dreams+Practicality+Legwork=Achievement.  That’s what we ostriches do to survive successfully in tough conditions.  It’s also a winning formula for you too.”

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