Tiny But Mighty Bee Totem Talk

bee totem meaning and messages

Sweet Honey Bee Totem Meaning and Messages

Direct messages from the bee totem:

“The biggest message I have to share is this: ‘Never underestimate the little guy.‘  I may be small, but in every way I am big-time and hard-core.  My strength is beyond most other creatures in the animal kingdom.

I’m best known for the old saying ‘busy as a bee.’  There’s a reason for that.  Consider…my crew and I can build a city for 50,000 citizens within a month.  How long does it take humans to build a town for 50,000 inhabitants?  A lot longer than a month, that’s for sure.

Yeah, I get busy.  And that’s a great totem lesson for you.  Ain’t nothing ever going to get done without hard work.  My fellow workers and I achieve monumental feats of accomplishment because we work together, we work constantly, and we work hard.  So if you’re trying to attain a dream, goal, job, whatever…take it from me, the busy bee…work your stinger off to get what you want.  If need be, recruit helpers to achieve your purpose more efficiently and quickly.

And while you’re flapping your wings furiously to accomplish your goals, keep this in mind: Preparation is key.  You can work yourself into a frenzy, but without a blueprint, preparation and a plan, getting the goal might be a long, sloppy process.  Did you know my queen bee collects over 50 million sperm before she settles in to have her babies?  The totem take-away point here is this: Don’t just prepare, over-prepare.  If you want something with all your heart, you should be willing to go the extra mile to lay a solid foundation for what you want.  From building our hives, to sustaining our colonies; my grist of bees and I formulate a plan and keep to it for ultimate success.”

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