Your Totem Messages

What do totem messages mean? This blog is an effort to define different meanings from different totems.

Your totem messages
More About Your Totem Messages

Totem Messages – What Do They Mean?

You’d have to go through life like a stone not to get a message from some kind of creature on this earth.

Whether flora (plant kingdom) or fauna (animal kingdom) an encounter with a living thing in Nature is a sign – a message.  What it means is up to interpretation.  But our understanding of plant or animal encounters can sometimes be confusing.  That’s okay.

This blog is available to you for a little guidance if you ever get stuck.  I’ll be posting various messages from creatures and more all over the world.

The purpose is to kick start a dialogue between you and the creature who has crossed your path.  From crickets to cows, trees to trout – all the living world is waiting to communicate with you.  So take a look around and get inspired!

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A Whale of a Totem Message

The whale is a highly sensitive and emotionally developed totem. We would all benefit from the whale’s advice.

whale totem, whale totem meaning, whale totem messages
Whale totem tells a tale of great connection and insight.

Whale Totem Messages and Guidance

“First off, please quit calling some members of our whale clan ‘killers’.  Let’s get one thing clear: Like all creatures on this earth, we kill for survival. Sometimes we kill to escape entrapment. But to be sure, we whales kill with a clear instinct to live.  I think that’s a crucial concept for humans to ponder. You humans kill too – for pretty much the same reasons we do.  Fact is, the whole universe is based on ‘alive’ and otherwise. Even stars live and die, killed by the progression of time.

How do I know this? Because me and my whale kin are highly skilled at sensory perception. We communicate in unique ways. We also receive communication in unique ways. We speak through song, and I think all of existence was created with song. It’s about resonance, harmony and cohesion. This makes me ask you: How do you communicate? How do you express your feelings to others? It’s worth thinking about.  Every living thing is capable of communicating with love, or with hate.  We whales encourage you to create a song that communicates acceptance, passion, understanding and love.

Speaking of song, my message to you would be incomplete if I didn’t mention our mode of transportation. Specifically, how we get around in this world.  We do it with song…err, well sonar (also known as echo-location).  My voice bounces off stuff in the sea, and helps me and my herd migrate effortlessly through the expansive waters we traverse.

So what’s this got to do with you? Well, in a way you can echo-locate your destination too.  Your method is just a little more internal.  I mean, you’re not going to find your car keys by bellowing out a high pitch noise. But what you CAN do is echo-locate with your mind. You can communicate with the universe, with your higher mind, with whatever that you connect with that is powerful and divine.  Doing this is a form of obtaining spiritual guidance. I guarantee you, there is higher energy out there, and it is not inert, or unfeeling. It cares about what you have to say. So speak! Sing!

You can also echo-locate to find your way to achieving your goals and dreams. Speak positively, and believe in your own voice. Sing your way to your desired outcome. This is just as vital as speaking to higher spirit. Trust me, I know scads about communication. It is a marvelous gift all creatures have. You have an extraordinary advantage when you communicate with authority, unity, peace and expectation that your song will lead you where you want to be.”

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Strutting With the Ostrich Totem

The ostrich totem is an excellent source of advice. Whether kicking, running or raising young – the ostrich aces the gamut.

ostrich totem, ostrich meaning, ostrich messages
Stretching our minds to embrace ostrich totem messages invokes great insight.

Ostrich Totem Messages and Guidance

“Let’s get one thing clear. We ostriches do NOT bury our head in the sand when frightened. What a ludicrous idea! Firstly, because we rarely have reason to be afraid of much, and if we are, we run at staggering speeds up to 45 mph. This is my first bit of advice to you. Don’t hide. TAKE ACTION!  Oh, and let me tell you, we put karate black-belts to shame. Our kick can kill.  So whether we ostriches beat cheeks out of danger, or kick the stuffing out of our foes – to be sure, we never hide our heads in the sand. And neither should you.

Now that the ridiculous myth of head-burying  has been dispelled, I will tell you why we futz around in the sand. It’s where the myth came from. This is what we do: We dig a hole in the sand, lay our eggs in the hole, and we poke our heads in the hole to turn our eggs. I guess to some humans that looks odd, and our action was misunderstood.  There’s a lesson in that for you. It’s nobody’s business but your own as to how you raise your young. As long as you nurture, provide and love your offspring, your golden. Maybe your methods might seem odd to others, but the key is loving and taking care of your young’uns.

I can’t hope to give you guidance if I don’t mention the unique feature of flight.  Well, err…no flight, I should say.  Me and my flock have wings, but we don’t fly.  For you, that’s a big lesson.  Birds who can fly tend to be lofty. Symbolically speaking, flying birds fly in the sky of dreams, schemes, hopes…but rarely land any of these things.  Ostriches, however, can land any deal.  That’s because we’re grounded.

For you, the take-away I’m trying to offer is this: Dream away! Have high hopes! Just know you’ve got to be grounded. Be free to flap your wings towards your vision, but stay grounded as you do so. Dreams+Practicality+Legwork=Achievement.  That’s what we ostriches do to survive successfully in tough conditions.  It’s also a winning formula for you too.”

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Dive Into Dolphin Totem Talk

The dolphin totem asks us to stoke our imagination, creativity and also reminds us of the beauty in loving others.

dolphin totem, dolphin totem meaning, dolphin totem messages
Diving and dancing with the dolphin totem offers a sea of insight.

Dolphin Totem Messages

“Hi! I want to invite you to dance.  Come swim with me and the rest of my dolphin family.  Get happy.  Enjoy the little things around you.  Be grateful for what you DO have.

I also want to invite you to embrace the unknown.  We dolphins are naturally curious.  We sometimes question why some humans aren’t.  There is so much wonder this world holds – let mystery be your inspiration.  Let your creativity be born from a place of awe.

Lastly, connect with your community.  The dolphin spirit is all about family and friends.  We rely on each other, laugh together, play together – you get the idea.  Do like us dolphins do – link up with people you love.  Let them know you care, and rely on them when you need help.”

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Croaking Good Toad Totem Talk

Ok, so the toad might not be the most cuddly totem, but what it lacks in looks, it makes up for in wisdom.

toad totem, toad totem meanings, toad totem messages
Toad totem messages run deep, and are profoundly important to humans.

Toad Totem Messages and Guidance

“Hey, I know I creep out some people.  That’s okay.  I’m not offended.  That’s wisdom I want to impart to you.  Be yourself.  Croak to your own rhythm.  It’s totally cool to be different.  It might freak out the straights.  I mean…I catch my breakfast with my tongue – it’s not the most socially acceptable sight in mixed company.

I also know my squishy, moist body makes some folks a little squeamish. But you know what? My body is uniquely designed to submerge into my environment to such an extent, that I am one with all knowledge of earth and water. It’s a lovely symbiotic relationship. I absorb all the wisdom and instinct I need to survive in my body. I can sense safety and threat just through my porous skin.

It’s the same with you, when you set your senses on hyper-drive. I’m here to remind you to click in with your environment. Submerge yourself in your surroundings and feel everything as if you were melting into it. Some people might find that strange, but who cares? By practicing submerging of the senses in your environment, you become more conscious, more aware, and generally a better, happier person.

My point is this: As long as you’re contributing to your ecosystem, connecting with your community, and basically helping the world around you (like I do) … everybody else can take a flying leap if you’re different.  Get toady!”

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Fox Totem Messages With Moxie

Regardless of its playful, trickster ways – the fox totem also has a serious survival side.

fox totem meaning, fox totem messages, fox meaning
Known as a trickster, fox totem messages are hardly tricky.

Spirit Animal Messages From the Fox Totem

“I’m here to remind you to live a little.  Bounce a little.  Play as much as you can.  Love with abandon and passion.  Seize the day!

I’m also a sign to get foxy.  Get moxie.  Get savvy about business or new projects.  If you have a desire you want to hunt down – do it in clever ways.  Think outside the box.  Get cunning and witty about your strategies for getting what you want.

Lastly, I’m here to remind you there is a balance in life. You, just like me and my pals, are shrewd enough to make a choice. What kind of choice? Well, like whether to stand your ground, or run for the hills.

It’s the most basic choice on this earth, because it’s about survival. Whether defending or tucking tail and backing out in a time of conflict…there is no shame or glory in either choice. Your decisions, like mine, should be based on INSTINCT…an instinct to live another day to create something new. For me, it’s about living to create new pups and prolong my clan. For you, it might be the same, or it might be about living to see your dreams come true, your passions to completion. To be sure, your choice determines whether you move forward, or backwards in life.

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Nothing Fishy About Fish Totem Talk

Fish totem meanings deal with dreams and what lies beneath the surface of so-called reality.

fish totem, fish totem meaning, fish totem messages
Fish totem meanings are swimmingly good for the soul!

Fish Totem Messages and Guidance

“I’m the one who dives into your imagination when you need a creative boost.  I’m an especially important reminder to pay attention to your dreams.  If you think about it, I’m the one who swims around all day – carefree, and under the surface.  I’m mostly invisible – unless you’re trying to catch me. I represent the unknown; that means I am all about pure potential. It’s up to you to submerge yourself into the realm of unseen possibilities, and catch your own opportunities.

That’s how it works in my dreamy, fishy world – it works the same in your world.  I dare you to catch me.  Why?  Because catching me is catching your dreams.  Capturing that which inspires you and hooks your imagination.  Just do me a favor.  If you catch me for real on a fishing trip – throw me back, okay?”

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Blue Moon Mare Totem Talk

A blue moon is a rare thing. Similarly, a blue moon mare totem conjures up big and rare influences.

blue moon mare totem, blue moon mare meaning
Once in a blue moon, the moon mare totem offers us amazing insight.

Messages From the Blue Moon Mare Totem

“Every blue moon, I show up to remind you of some pretty intense elements to life.   As a moon mare, I’m all about driving potential to its final destination.  I’m here to remind you to be wild and passionate about your potential.  Be driven about what you want and let it lead you in the right direction.

As a blue moon mare, I’m extremely effective on your path to galloping towards your goals.  Call upon me during the blue moon.  I’ll maneuver you through the unknowns.  I’ll be your strong guide while you reach for your own personal star of happiness.”

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